Wearing... my moccasins

It was a tad bit warmer today (well, it wasn't freezing at least) so I dug out my favorite pair of moccasins to bum around at work in.

Back when I was just a teeny bopper I randomly decided one day that I wanted a pair of moccasins. At the time moccasins were not popular whatsoever and it took me a few months to hunt down a pair in some random little indian-wears shop at the shore. They're so old and worn out at this point I've had to hot glue parts of the bottom on and there's a large hole in the front. But I love them and wear them every once and again still.

Today I'm wearing Minntonka Moccasins, a Jcrew ribbed tank, Skinny jeans, knit sweater and fringe necklace from Gap.