The more I read other blogs the more I realize I love when bloggers share what's going on in their lives and make it a bit more personal. For some reason I've tried to stay away from that (not that I really have anything that interesting to share anyway!) but what the heck.

A few things about me:

-I'm a severe over-packer (and by that I mean that I've already packs about three outfits for each day were gone and enough bathing suits to wear a different one each day as well for me and Frank little getaway this week!)

-I'm addicted to reading. and not ready super smarty-pants books, I'm talkin' little kid fiction that almost always includes some form of magical-ness (yes, Harry Potter is my BFF)

-I love my dog way too much. I talk to him like he's a person, hold him like he's a baby and even let him wiggle his way in between Frank and me when we lay down together.

-I used to refuse to wear anything but my Disney Princess dresses up until I was probably seven.

-If you try to talk to me while I'm in the bathroom there's a good chance you won't live to see the end of the day.

The End! back to packing for the California:)