Black and White in Summer

Everything today is from Gap (sheer top, boyfriend jeans, belt & sandals) // Necklace is vintage (from my great-grandmothers fabulous collection!)

TRUE FACT My husband scared the crap out of me while I was taking these photos (you'd scream too if all the sudden you saw someones face at the window). Which of course reminded me that I am a total weirdo for taking outfit photos but oh well I'm a weirdo, you think I'd be used to the fact by now.

Also, today while husband was looking at the new HP Touchpad in Best Buy I took a peak at the new Nikon D5100 (which I've been eyeballing online). Let me tell you, that is one fine piece No really, I'm in love. If I had come across $800 on the sidewalk on the way to the store that baby would have been mine. For now though, I'll just drool over it and have dreams about my old D70s having camera babies and one of them turning out to be a 5100 (that's totally normal, right?)

PS. is it sad that everything I'm wearing is from Gap? yeah, it's probably sad right?