Why I blog

Vintage Seersucker dress // Gap white tank // Forever21 cargo jacket Vintage belt & necklace

I should be asleep. I took husband to the airport at 4am. lucky me though, I did get some sleep before I had to work for the rest of the day. But still, I'm tired. and tomorrow I am going back to Jersey for some beach time with mamma bear. And yet. It's so hard for me to sleep when I know there are photos sitting in my camera (can you say "psycho"? oh yes).

Today I was thinking about why I blog at all. Some people may think I have some weird self-obsession and that's why I take pictures of myself and put them together in a blog. I thought about stopping before just because I don't want people to see me as that type of person, because I really am not (I know a certain guy who can verify that I am secretly one of the most insecure people on the planet). I used to have a blog about crafts and baking (which I also love dearly and will probably start throwing in here and there more) but I found that I was always looking at fashion blogs myself. I've always been obsessed with fashion (even when I was a super cool "punk" girl:). So, why would I not blog about what I love... what I spend most of my days thinking about... what I spend the majority of my extra cash on? Not to mention I love fashion photography. This helps me figure out what I like... what looks good or maybe doesn't... what I'll wear again and what might need to get tossed out. This blog isn't really for you, to be honest, it's for me.

so yes... that's my 11:30 rant for the day:)