Lets talk about food

I love baking.In fact, my old blog was all about baking and crafts mainly. And even though I still love to bake, I don't have that daily urge to yap on about it like I do with fashion. But how about for just a minute? hmm? I'll show you some pictures of what I've been baking and eating and such recently and you can go "mmhmm. mmhmm. don't care, bring back the clothes" Well, as long as we're at an understanding...

One of husbands favorite treats I make... Whoopie Pies with buttercream icing and of course, don't forget some milk!

I recently came across a brand new mini doughnut pan in a thrift store for a buck of course I couldn't help myself:)

Another thrift find... Isn't this milk bottle so adorable? This is what my mother usually refers to as "breakfast" you may know it by it's other name, a "brownie" :)

PS, I added a few new things to my etsy today... please check them out!