DIY Stamp

I was feeling a little crafty this afternoon and decided I might share with you one of my favorite, super easy, and super fun things to make... A Stamp! And of course, with my little obsession with feathers (hence the blog name:) I couldn't help but make one. It's best to stick with fairly simple shapes and designs (at least until you become way better than me at stamp-making and are a certified pro:)

Supplies you'll need...

Ink (for the fun part), X-acto knife, Lino-cutters (most craft stores have these - usually in the "fine art" section somewhere), Soft-cut print block (I got mine here) If you don't have some of these, most of them are pretty cheap and can be found at most craft stores.

Easy enough, right? I sketched mine out with pencil right on the block, don't use pen since the ink from the pen tends to get in the stamp ink;)

take your time and be careful cutting the shape out with your x-acto (not only are those things super sharp, but its easy to get off track and steer off course of your sketch). if you happen to slice across your sketch, like I've done several times, I use a little brush-on super glue (found at most drug-stores) right over top the slice.

Lino cutter sets always have several tips, there's one that's super skinny (and sharp, so be careful!) It's perfect for details cutting and getting those edges and what-not.

Now you can totally just grab your finished little soft block and stamp away, but I had some extra linoleum laying around, so I just super glued it to a little square of it for a more "finished" look. You could attach it to almost any little hard surface like this or just leave it on it's own! The first time you use it you'll have to soak it into the ink quite a few times. Now stamp!

I'm quite fond of how my little stamp came out, what do you think?