Bright Idea

Anthropologie Dress // Target tights // Vintage locket // Vintage Boots & Belt (Thrifted)

I am so addicted to bright tights right now... I need more! I used to have a huge bag full of super bright tights when I was a punk-rocker (oh how I miss those days) and this and an electric blue pair are the only ones to survive my constant closet-purging. The tights have also helped me re-discover my love for this dress. All the other times I've worn it I've felt just a tad big too "Little House on the Prairie" in it, maybe it's the little bit of punk-rock left in me, but it was just a little too sweet for me (although, if I ever actually do find myself on the prairie, this dress will be the first I grab). But alas, a pair of ultra bright tights can make any sweet dress into something... weird. and crazy that people most likely look at me and wonder if I just left a mental hospital. But, I am perfectly okay with that. Being weird has it's advantages sometimes.