Fall kick-off

Target Dress&Tights // Old Navy Cardigan // Vintage Belt&Shoes (thrifted)Handmade Leaf Headband

This dress is my all-purpose dress. It can easily be dressed for any season and its super comfy and I always feel good in it (so YEAH I wear it at least once a week, what of it?!). The cardigan is the perfect fall color (I'd either name this color "acorns" or "pumpkin spice"). And these shoes were a major thrift score a few years ago and I still adore them.

anywho, I wore this whole get up to that youth group-fall kick off I was taking pictures for the other day. Of course, all the kids were covered in potato guts and it ended up being way warmer than I expected (meaning the cardigan got tossed in the car), but the tights kept all the little buggies from eating at my legs and I was able to navigate through all the mud in the field with the shoes perfectly. So all-in-all a score of an outfit I think.