The Basics

Thrifted Shirt & Moccasins // Gap Jeans // Vintage rings (from my great grandmother's fantastic stash)

This is my "comfy" outfit. My favorite moccasins. Not only did I get them for like 2 dollars or something ridiculous (AND they were brand new) but they are insanely comfy and lined with some sort of fuzzy goodness. I'm really going to attempt to not destroy them like all of my other shoes. They're just so perfect for fall and running around the city in though, so it may be hard.

PS. I'm going to go ahead and point out another way I've gotten super good at being ridiculously cheap - see that dresser? yah. 20 bucks dude. yah.forreal. It was another auction find and my madre was even nice enough to spruce it up and re-finish it for us too (sometimes I wish I had the space to do that stuff myself!). Alright! enough talk about my cheapness!