Dress Restyle

I'm such a bad girl.

I totally had a list of to-do's and what did I end up doing all of yesterday afternoon? Saving a horrid dress from itself. Here's the before...

Lets go back a few days. It was love at first sight. the simple pattern and adorable color of this thing grabbed me and demanded my attention.

But oh, those sleeves. Not only are they puffy, but they also had shoulder pads because, well, you want to make sure your shoulders look HUGE right? I mean, giant shoulders are something that is totally sexy, right?

and, ugh, that neckline. Two words: not flattering.

Not to mention that fact that it ended at that super-akward sweet spot somewhere between your knees and ankles, so it looks like your a little kid and your mom made you wear something you obviously already grew out of because she's too lazy to shop.

Are you ready for the after? well too bad, here it is!

TA-DA! Can you tell I'm super proud of myself? And yes, I did strut around the apartment until my way-too nice husband told me that I did I good job:)

Anywho. I've learning quite a bit more about sewing since I did my last restyle. It was fine as a beach cover-up, but  wanted this dress to be way cuter, and to actually want to wear it just as much as some of my favorite dresses.

I didn't take any process pictures, because I was afraid I might jinx myself and end up completely ruining it...

But I love it.

I wanted to make it a little "extra special" so I did this little weavy-design-thing on the back to give it a little extra somethin'-somethin'

What do you think??

Oh, and for anyone wondering, my boots and belt are vintage (thrifted), the bag is from Gap and I have absolutely no clue where these socks came from!