DIY: Wire Flowers

These wire flowers are soooo so easy to make and are perfect to add a little fun. You can stick them on a wall, or hang them (how much fun would it be to have a ton of these hanging in front of a window or something?

Supplies: Pair of Pliers Semi-thick Wire (I got mine at the craft store)

1. Make a long loop (your first "Petal"), and twist wires together in the middle. 2. Make another petal and twist back around the middle, continue until you run out of wire, or you have as many petals as you'd like! Use pliers to twist ends into middle and secure. 3. Shape petals. I like mine long & skinny and to twist up at the ends!

I spray painted one of mine white to change them up a bit! I love how "organic" and funky their shapes end up being! I hung mine next to the window by my sewing machine to change things up a bit:)