While it's still Warm

Dress & Sandals from Walmart // Old Navy Cardigan // Vintage Sunnies//Vintage Fabric Oversized Clutch (Coming soon to Fox&Vintage!)

Philly has still yet to decide whether or not it's fall yet (don't you worry, I'm totally fine with hanging onto summer longer you darling city, you!). So I've been trying to get as much bare-legged dress-wearing done before my legs turn to icicles at the though of even going outside.

Oh, and can you believe that I'm wearing not one, but TWO things from Walmart. I only go in probably once a year, but end up coming out with all sorts of ridiculously cheap clothing (these sandals really are the most comfy in the whole world!).

And what do you think of my little"sneak peak" of the vintage-fabric clutches I've been working on for the shop? This one is sticking with me, partly because it was just a practice and has a few little mess-ups, but mostly because it's perfectly huge and I can even shove my touchpad in it I need to! I can't wait to get them up in the shop:)