Planning + Goal Setting

I hate the term "New Years Resolution",I just feel like a resolution sounds like something too fancy for me to actually get done (yeah, I know, I'm weird). But I love planning and goal setting,and this year I have come up with a few goals when it comes to my blog, but I have two big ones I'm really excited about.

One of my biggest goals is to let myself experiment with things on my blog without feeling like I'm not fitting a certain "genre" of blogging. I used to do mostly crafts, which I loved, but found myself a little stressed out with coming up with ideas so often, plus I had always really wanted to do more personal style on my blog. So for a while now I've ben doing mostly personal style and just doing crafts when I'm inspired. I've really enjoyed this transition, but I now sometimes find myself holding back certain things to try to fit more of a "style blog" category. So I find myself wondering, why am I trying so hard to fit into a certain category? Partly because I'm trying to be more consistent with my content (which I do like), and partly because maybe I thought I might build a better audience with being more specific (which I don't like). I don't want to feel like I'm doing things for other people, I really don't believe that makes good blog content, and I really don't want to blog for the sake of other people either.

Another big goal is to plan better with my blog. I've been trying to do this the last few months, but I've been mostly using my computer calander for it, and even though it's helped, I tend to forget to pull it up somehow. I decided the other day to just go out and get a nice beautiful calander that I can lay out in front of me and it has both full month views and weekly views too, which I love and think will really help me stay on track.

I've also been searching out inspiration and some wisdom from some great bloggers and have come across some great posts on these sort of subjects. I thought I'd share them for those of you out there who love blogging and want a little kick in the butt for the new year too...

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If you have any tips yourself or other great inspiration feel free to leave it in the comments:)