Target Dress + Tights // J.Crew Shirt // A+F Sweater // Wanted Boots // Vintage Coat, Belt + Scarf

There's been times in my life I've felt lost, like I was completely out in the middle of nowhere, unsure even what direction to head in. Thankfully, I don't feel completely lost, but lately I've been feeling like I'm wandering. I could jump back on the path I was on, but I'm not sure that it's the right one for me anymore. I feel like I'm not far from something "clicking". That one of these days a little light bulb will appear over my head (because that totally happens in real life, right?) and I'll just start running in that direction.

I know without a doubt I want to keep blogging, and actually, I want to continue to grow my blog because it really is my passion. But I also know I want to do something else too. For a while now I've had my Etsy shop Fox&Vintagewhere I sell vintage clothing. Even though I have enjoyed it, I feel like something's off. I wont lie, I don't get all that excited to update it like I used to in the begining, and I know that can be normal - you do something for a while and it doesn't feel as fun as it did when you first started it, but it feels like more then that. The last couple months I've just been trying to figure out what I can do that would be more enjoyable for me for "the long run".  I still love selling through Etsy, but do I want to change what I sell? I've considered doing small housewares, either by themselves or to mix in with the clothing. I've also considered going in a totally different direction and selling handmade things instead (possibly clothing or accessories). While I do like both of these ideas I want to be really sure before I make my move, simply just because neither of these ideas are new either to the internet, or to Etsy, and I know that in order to stand out you really have to love what you're selling.

I've been thinking about all this for a while and decided to talk about it here and ask you all for your opinion. Maybe you've been in a similar situation, or maybe you saw something I made that you would like to see sold, or maybe you have a thought about what I'm already selling? Whatever your opinion (as long as their said in a kind way - please!), I'd really appreciate your feedback!

I know this all totally doesn't have anything to with this oufit (or, well... anything), but I like to keep things real here and sometimes it can be so cathartic to get things out of your own head and talk to someone else about it, ya know?