Bows + Spots

                             H+M Shirt (thrifted) // Gap Skirt + Jacket // Target Leggings // Thrifted Shoes

Today I went out and did some serious grocery shopping. There was a few weeks there where I was doing great eating meals at home everyday. That's been kind of one of my "resolutions" for this year, to eat at home more and make most of it all from scratch. Then Frank got sick last week (do you feel the excuse coming?) and so he was making pizza less (did I mention he make the best pizza ever, because he does) and I had been lazy going to the grocery store and stuff so I ended up picking us up take out almost every night. But now I'm trying to get back on the wagon (or off? I guess it depends on whether it's the home-made food wagon or the take out wagon) and get back to cooking and feeling a little better about what I eat.

On totally unrelated news to both the last paragraph and an outfit post (although I suppose it's slightly related somehow?), I noticed my hair is already starting to fade. Not that surprising since my hair is stubborn and doesn't enjoy change. I already picked up some more "intense" bleach to try to save it from going back completely. Anyone else had that problem before?