Gap Shirt // Loft Blazer (thrifted) // Buffalo Cords // Target Socks //  Thrifted Scarf, Hat + Boots

SNOW. yes, it snowed yesterday. And not just a little. Full on big flakes that fell all day long. I might have been happy about this if it were, say, January. But Easter week? I think not. I'm too preocupied with day dreaming of sun dresses and tulips to have to worry about scraping ice off my windsheild. Thankfully, it's already pretty much gone and high 50s are in the forcast for the next week. But I'd still like to use our freak snow-storm to blame my fall-ish dressing (what can I say? Cold tempertures make me crave warm colors).

Anyone else who was totally freaked at the sight of snow?