Simple Printed Scarf

 Scarves and headbands are one of those things I can never bring myself to buy unless it's a super unique print or color. I love simple ones though. I recently bought a few yards of a super soft jersey knit fabric on sale and have been looking for all sorts of uses for it.

This is a super simple head (or neck) scarf and only really takes a few minutes (besides letting the paint dry) and is pretty cheap too - love!

I used some leftover un-mounted linoleum (found at most art supply stores - you also could use thick foam) and used my x-acto knife to cut out my "stamp". I went with a swiss cross shape but you could really do anything - it's best to stick with something simple though.

 I layed my cut fabric (approximately 12 x 50 inches) over some cardboard for protection. I used Martha Stewart's All Purpose Craft Paint in white, just dipping my stamp in and hand stamping it onto the fabric. I let it dry overnight, and then ran it through the dryer on high heat to set.

I am excited to get some other colors of fabrics and paints to make some more. I also made mine a little extra long so I can easily use it as a neck scarf too - love things that can do double duty:)