Just a Reminder

       Vintage Dress (thrifted + restyled) // H+M Hat // Minnetonka Moccasins // Thrifted Belt

Sometimes it's nice to realize that a bad start to a day doesn't have to spill into the rest of the day. Yesterday we had to get up early so I could take Frank to the airport for a work trip. The alarm didn't go off, we were an hour late, the car was out of gas, we hit rush hour, he missed his flight, and I got completely lost trying to pick him back up and went around the airport three times. But he was able to get a different flight and we had a couple hours to kill, so we had an amazing breakfast in the city (thankfully with plenty of coffee...) and took a leisurely walk through our old neighborhood and around Penns Landing before he had to catch his new flight.

Sometimes it feels like when days start badly they're bad all day, but it's refreshing to realize that they can end up being lovely instead. Just a reminder to myself the next time I have a bad start:)