Life Lately

I'm trying hard every day to enjoy this summer whole-heartedly. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in "getting things done" or brooding over feeling like I haven't gotten enough done that I know I miss so much. I'm trying to soak up as much time with our friends that we're living with since they'll be moving to Haiti(!) in August and I will miss them way too much once their gone and I won't be able to just come over on a whim or pick the kids up to go out with me and Frank for a day, so getting to spend everyday with them just hanging out is great, and I really want to enjoy every minute.

I'm loving my resolution to read classics this year. I've done a great job of picking up any I come across while thrifting so I always have one waiting to go each time I finish a book. I also made some granola the other morning and am very much enjoying having it for lunch with some yogurt and berries most days:)

How's everyone's summer going?