Chuck + Olive

I used to talk about my chickens all the time here, but I realized it's been forever since I've talked about these new girls, and so I thought I'd share a little:) Those of you who remember Sam + Melanie probably remember how often they used to be on my little blog. I basically couldn't take outfit photos without them wandering around in the background. After my amazing ladies were stolen, we were offered some free chicks, and they've since grown to be the big beautiful ladies we have now. My relationship with Chuck + Olive is much different then I had with the other girls, it's much more business like - I give you food and water, you give me eggs. It works, but somedays I do miss the connection I had with Sam + Melanie.

Recently we've had problems with both of them getting broody and refusing to leave the nests. So we did a bit of research and it seemed the best solution for us was to make them a little "brooding cage" (that's Olive in it in the second photo) where the entire bottom of the cage is just wire so they can't nest while they're in there. It's worked great, both girls broke and are back to their normal selves!

As for living conditions, once we had to move we needed our own cage for the girls. I found the chicken coop we got (in that last photo) here and have been pretty happy with it. It's pretty much the perfect size for 2 hens, but I wouldn't think it'd be good for any more. I would love to add on to their run some day to give them a little more room to stretch their legs as well as paint the coop and possibly do something fun with the space on the top, but since the house we were buying ended up falling through we're still waiting to see where we'll be ending up for the long-term. Once we know though, I'd love to do something fun with it though:)