Inspired Style // Atlantic-Pacific

I really love personal style blogs. I'm constantly intrigued by being able to see what people around the world are waking up and choosing to wear each day. One thing I've always been disapointed by is how often I see people look at these blogs and get jealous. I think it's this problem that tends to happen of thinking someone else has it all pulled together and perfect and if only we had that had or skirt or whatever then so would we. I've even caught myself doing it from time to time and it's something I try to catch myself before I even start now. I'd much rather choose to be inspired instead of envious.

I decided to give myself a little challenge of really being inspired by another blogger's outfits and try to make my own version of it!

(Photo from Atlantic Pacific)

I've followed Atlantic Pacific for a while and it's obvious why so many people love her - she's got an incredible style and wears everything from Christian Louboutin to H&M. When I saw this outfit on her blog a few weeks ago I just fell in love. Not only was it something I would definitely wear, but it was right after I had thrifted a bag that just happened to look incredibly similar to that gorgeous coach one she's rocking. Of course I can't pull of a baseball hat quite like she can, but my little challenge is all about being inspired and making it my own anyway:)

     Target Dress // J.Crew Jacket (thrifted) // Thrifted bag // Minnetonka Moccasins // H&M Hat