Khaki and Blue

    Target Dress (thrifted) // F21 Blazer // Vintage Scarf, Belt + Shoes (all thrifted) // Homemade Bag

I've had both this dress and blazer for so long. They're only a very few things that I've had longer then I've been with my husband. There's actually pictures of me in the dress from our trip to Boston the first sumer we started dating, and so whenever I wear it I always think of that trip, and I love it. It's probably a major reason it has stayed with me for so long. I do love how simple and comfortable it is, but as I'm getting older I realize it's a bit short and I have to think twice about sitting a certain way or bending over too far. So yes, I am a total old lady now.

It's funny how when I was a teenager I totally didn't mind short dresses, or short shorts, or really anything along those lines. I certainly don't consider myself a "modest blogger" in the way that I don't go out of my way to be modest, I've just naturally found myself usually grabbing for longer lengths these days. I'm sure there's people out there who think I dress immodestly, and those out there who think I'm overly modest. That's how the world is, and over the years I've learned it's so much better to dress to what makes me feel comfortable an beautiful. There's always going to be people out there who may hate it for any number of reasons, so why waste time worrying about them?