A little kitchen progress...

Meet our kitchen! I snapped this picture the day we went through for inspections. It definitely has it's goods and bads. It currently has no counter space, or a dishwasher, and has one of the most akward little "pantry" type of nooks, but it also has an amazing sink and gorgeous built in cabinet that are both original. We've got big plans for this place. Eventually that akward "pantry" will be gone and we'll be able to add some counters and cabinets and the floors will be completely refinished.

Of course within the first few hours of owning the house we had to satiate our curiosity about what was under those linoleum floors. The entire rest of the house is original wood floors so we were confident they were hiding under there too.

Well, a layer of linoleum, a layer of plywood, another layer of linoleum and a tick coat of glue later and we had our hardwood!

(it still needed a few more good cleanings in this picture)

We also realized that the cabinet surrounding the sink was completely unnecessary to actually keeping up the sink, and the original sink legs were just hanging out under there completely unappreciated!

Oh, I love it. Why would you hide those pretty little legs anyway? And, of course, we also weren't completely surprised to find that all that flooring was covering up some water damage under the sink...

Nice, right? It's actually good we found it, since it certainly wasn't going to get any better by just sitting under all that linoleum. My amazing husband has already cut out al the damaged boards and is in the process of patching it in with some wood floors he was able to salvage from an old house that's about to be torn down. Once we refinish the floors we're pretty confident you won't really be able to tell we had to patch them in, or at least that's our hope!

So... yeah. Maybe it looks a little worse. But don't they say that it has to look worse before it looks better? I'm already sure that when we're completely done it'll be one of my favorite rooms:)