A little chop

               H&M Shirt (thrifted) // Target Skirt (thrifted) // Thrifted Bag + Belt // Pac Sun Shoes

                                                          H&M Hat // Homemade Necklace

I mentioned the other day I cut my hair this weekend. I had been thinking of going to get it cut, but I decided to give it a shot myself. I figured that the worst that could happen is that I wouldn't like it and I could have a professional fix it. I actually ended up loving it though. Of course, no one really noticed and I heard mostly "well, it's still really long". Well, at least it feels so much healther! It's a lot easier to manage without all those damaged ends.

Even though I'm excited for fall, I'm really glad pumpkins and the like haven't really made an appearance yet. It's still so hot here that I just feel like I'm not ready for all that! Give it another few weeks and I'll be chowing down on pumpkin pie, but lets take advantage of that last little bit out of summer, right?