Hearing the Hoofbeats

                                    Vintage Skirt (thrifted) // Walmart Shirt // Homemade Necklace

                                             Thrifted Bag // H&M Hat // Minnetonka Moccasins

Wearing this skirt has reminded me how much I miss horseback riding! This summer has been so crazy for so many reasons that I haven't really been out to ride since the spring, so sad. Of course, now that we have the house it feels like there's always something to do or something to buy, so I haven't really been thinking about it until now. I'd love to get out even just a couple times this fall. Fall is my favorite time to ride! You don't sweat to death, and the horses aren't worn out from the long show-weekends that they have during the summer.

Definitely am going to have to make time to get out even just once or twice:)