Time for plaid

Vintage Shirt (thrifted) // NY&Co Cardigan (thrifted) // Target Shorts // Anthropologie Belt

                                                 Homemade Necklace // Thrifted Shoes + Bag

It's the time for plaid! I'm such a gingham addict in the spring and summer, but come autumn, I'm all about the plaid. I pulled out my flannels the other night too and it got me all excited! I love me a good plaid flannel. It makes me feel a little Luke Danes-ish (yes, that is a Gilmore Girls reference, and no, I won't apologize for it). It is nice to still be able to pair it with some short and not have to wear pants quite yet, so I'm taking advantage and enjoying it while I can. Of course, I don't think I'll mind pulling on the pants and tights as much this year, but it's still always good to enjoy whatever whether is being thrown at you, right?

P.S. I added a little F.A.Q.s section! I also left up my Ask Me page in case anyone still has questions!