I remember going shopping at the mall with my mom when I was a kid, and I don't remember ever being wow-ed by anything. In fact, I found them pretty boring, and they were.I remember the fist time visiting an Anthropolgie being amazed by the fact that a shopping store could actually inspire someone so much! Ever since then whenever I visit an Anthropologie I always make sure I have my camera phone and a little scrap of paper to write notes on, so I can remember all the things I want to re-create or the ideas that displays sparked in my mind.

I was browing their website a few weeks ago and was writing down ideas like mad! Then I got to thinking, it might be a little fun to give myself a little challenge and see how many I could make, and put my own little twists on. Well... I had a lot of fun! So I thought, why not do a whole week, here on the blog, just packed with DIYs and outfits that were inspired by Anthropologie? All this week will be tons of DIYs and outfits, all inspired or re-created from one of my favorite stores!

PS. This project, and none of the DIYs or outfits I will show this week were in any way sponsored by Anthropologie, or anyone else - just inspired!