A New Sweater For Dutch

Fine and Feathered

With thrifting, even though I try to buy everything in the best condition I can find, I still end up coming home with some things that just don't hold up very well. This sweater I got a year or so ago, and wore a lot last year, was on it's last legs and I figured it was finally time to retire it for good, but I definitely couldn't bring myself to just throw it away!

Fine and Feathered

Poor sweater... But it went to good use! Dutchess (or Dutch, as we usually call her) has been needing a new sweater. I'm not usually one to shove dogs in clothes (maybe a bow tie though), but she oddly loves sweaters and shivers terribly as soon as the temperture dips below 60. Her old one was pretty ratty though, so it was time for a new one! I actually attempted to make her one about a month ago and it did not come at all how I wanted, but yesterday morning I decided I should give it another go and I love how it came out!

Fine and Feathered dog sweater

It was really simple too! I cut down the seams of her old sweater and used the pieces as a pattern for the new one, just laying them over my brown sweater and cutting around them. I hemmed all the raw edges and then sewed in the same places I had cut the seams from the old one. I gave it a cute little collar too, because, you know, she's a real stylish little pup. Of course, the little "old man" buttons on my old sweater were one of my favorite parts, so I had to sew a couple on for Dutch:)

It took me less then an hour from start to finish, and it was free, and I love it more then any of the little sweaters I've seen in stores anyway. Win win! Oh and Dutch isn't shivering anymore, another win!

I know they also sell patterns for dog sweaters too, so for anyone who wants to give it a try and doesn't already have one that fits their pup that they can deconstruct, you could look at the ones the pattern makers offer and just use an old sweater.

Fine and Feathered