5 Ideas for What to Wear for Thanksgiving

Even though Autumn doesn't technically end until almost Christmas, it always feels like Thanksgiving is the last big hurrah for Fall anyway. Even though my family has never been one to make everyone get super fancy for the holiday, everyone still always looks nice and I think we all love giving our Fall wardrobe one last great outfit to end with. When Ellen asked me to share some outfit ideas for Thanksgiving I actually got really excited and ended up digging through my archives to get some ideas. To be honest, I don't know what I'm going to wear yet either, so it was great to start thinking about it and get some ideas together! (PS. Just click on the photos to see the full outfit posts they're from!)


I love a fun vintage skirt. I especially love the plaid wool skirts that always seem to be hanging around the thrift stores, and then there's the more quirky ones covered in animals or other funny scenes that I just can't get enough of. If you're unsure what to pair with one then sticking with a neutral (denim and chambray are some of my favorite neutrals) can be a safe bet, and if you're feeling more adventurous you can take some cues from the colors in the skirt and bring in other complimentary ones too!


Pencil skirts are great if you're going for a more dressed up feel, and pairing them with flannels and plaids make things feel festive! Also, some orange tights can be fun too:)


Not every family gets super dressed up for Thanksgiving, but everyone still likes to look nice! A sweater layered with a button down is a classic, but what about adding an extra button down to the mix? Layering a nice comfy sweater with your favroite leggings can assure you'll be comfy all day and stll look nice too. And of course blazers are great for keeping a casual outfit still feeling more pulled together.


Sometimes you can totally change things up with an old dress for the holidays by adding fun accessories! Fun colored tights, unique shoes, hats, and patterned scarves are also some of my favorite accessories.


Sometimes a lovely vintage dress can speak for itself. A lot of the time all it needs is a pair of tights and some shoes to make a complete outfit. If you're lucky you can find great ones for cheap at your local thrift stores, but nowadays vintage shops aren't just in big cities, but little towns too, if you'd rather go straight to the good stuff!

Of course there's tons of other things that would be fun to wear for thanksgiving (pairing your summer maxi skirt or dress with more autumnal colors and layering pieces would be lovely) but hopefully this helps get your brain moving if you're like me and still haven't decided on an outfit!