Simple Scrap Leather Tablet Case

I've shared before that I have a problem with throwing away fabric scraps. As long as it's more than a few inches I'll hold onto them forever basically. I had thrifted a long leather skirt a few years ago to use for some project (I can't even remember what now, that's how long!) and the scraps from it have been sitting in my fabric pile looking so lonely, but I finally found a good use for them!

I was in need of a case for my new little tablet and I love leather cases, so I figured I'd whip myself up one! It came together really quick and easy too, just a few stiches and I was basically done. I just cut out two rectangles that were the size of my tablet (mine is an Acer Iconia W3), plus 1/4 inch seam allowance, and one long skinny piece that was 2x15 inches (if you make one for another size tablet, you may have to adjust the length). I sandwiched the skinny piece in between the two rectagles (the "tail" of the long piece will hang out at one end) and sewed the bottom and two sides up, turned it right side out and added a snap to the skinny piece and the front of the case. Way easy!

What did I learn from this little projet? Go on being crazy me and collecting fabric scraps:)

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