Moving Pictures

I have something a little different today! A while ago I had a friend urge me to start playing with video. Of course, at the time I still had my old computer which couldn't even watch video, much less edit it. Now that I have my new one though I don't have much excuse anymore.

I thought I'd try sort of an "outfit video" instead of my normal outfit photos. I love the idea of seeing how clothing really wears in real life. It's a lot harder to fake something looking good on when you're jumping and walking and just plain being silly. All these shots were done in our backyard, and Weston was out with me so of course he's in there plenty too.

Please keep in mind that I am NOT good at video at all. I am definitely a "practice makes perfect" kind of person, and this is my first one ever. My handheld shots are shakey, so if that's something that really bothers you then feel free go ahead and skip it.

Thrifted Shirt // Ralph Lauren Sweater (thrifted) // Thrifted Pants // Gap Kids Coat // Target Socks // Gap Necklace // Thrifted Boots

I am open to opinions, and if you have any tips for me I'd be happy to hear them!