Home Sweet Home

So I think it's official, I've caught the video bug. I never thought I'd like taking video, but I really do. I also like that since I'm totally new to this I don't put any pressure on myself, I can just have fun and it's not a big deal if something isn't perfect. This weekend we got a little more snow, and me and the pups were home alone all day and I thought it'd be fun to make a house-tour of sorts. 

Music is "Four" by Marcel Piquel

In case you forgot, here's all the pictures from the day we walked through. So far cosmetically, we've really only done our little makeover on the half bath, stripped the dining room wallpaper, and we also stripped the sewing room wallpaper (unfortunately there's crumbling paint under there). What you don't see though, is that we completely replaced our heating system and converted to natural gas, and Frank has cleared so many overgrown trees and bushes from the backyard. It really is feeling like home, though. Even though I'm always itchy to start painting and working on the "pretty stuff", I still love it, and I think I fall more in love with our house everyday.