Rustic Tree Branch Candle Hanger DIY

Rustic Tree Brance Candle Hanger

This weekend we finally got back to cleaning up the backyard. While we were cleaning up some of the trash (not from us, by the way!) I came across a gorgeous tree branch. I was totally one of those weird kids who collected every stone or stick that I thought was cool, and that hasn't really changed. I really had no idea what I would do with it when I saved it, but it hit me to combine it with a craft I was already planning to do with making candle holders - and I love how it came out!

Rustic Candle Branch

It's really simple to make. Start by scavenging a beautiful branch from the woods, or just pick up one at your local craft store (they often have several sizes and types in the floral department). Wrap and double knot pieces of heavy twine or rope at each end, leaving at least a few inches of branch at each end as well (you may want to use a little hot glue on the back of the branch to extra secure the rope to it). Use dry wall anchors to anchor two hooks into your ceiling, and hang the branch. 

For the candle holders use six or eight pieces of twine, tying them together a couple inches from the bottom. Seperate the strings into pairs and tie each pair together. Seperate the strings again, pairing each with the one from the pair next to it and tying them together. You can repeat that as many times as you like. Then wrap them around the branch, and double knot (you can also add some hot glue here too to secure). Insert your candles, and you're done! 

Rustic Candle Branch