On Growing Up

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Recently I noticed something weird happen with me. I realized that I'm not at all offended when people don't consider me a professional or expert in areas. When I was younger that would really bug me. Whether is was people not considering me a "professional photographer" (even though I wasn't!) or not instantly going to me for advice on something I know a little bit about. More than anything, I've realized that there are so many other people out there that are so much better than me at things and I would love to learn from them!

I've always been more of a "jack of all trades" kind. At times, it would really bother me and I would wish so hard that I could just be the best at one thing. As I get older though, I realize that it's totally okay that I'm not like that. I absolutely adore learning new things, and while I still tend to get frustrated if I'm not amazing at it first try, I've gotten a lot better at reaching out to others who are great and learning from them.

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It's also great to loose a little bit of the pressure that goes with considering yourself an expert or professional at something. I still love photography, and always will, but I'm not even kind of a professional, and the great thing about that is that not every one of my photos needs to be amazing. I can experiment and just have fun, which is so freeing. I still loving helping friends pick out cameras when they ask me, or showing them some of the basics to help them get started, but I am actually happy to step back and let a real professional photographer do their work and not feeling like I should be the one shooting in every circumstance. 

It's definitely been one of those "oh my gosh I'm growing up" moments when I realized that lately. Finding something that would drive you crazy a couple years ago that now is something you're totally fine with. OLD LADY ALERT HERE. But seriously, what the heck is with this growing up thing?

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