Autumn Archives

Sometimes when I scroll through my blog I find it crazy to think that I've been blogging for over three years now. It's pretty nuts to see all these outfits I've worn over the years. I love to look back and see what outfits I still love, and ones that maybe aren't so much my style anymore. I don't mind that though. I'm a person who has grown and changed so much over these past few years, that it's only natural that my style has grown with me. 

My mom is cleaning out her house getting ready to move and found a whole box full of my photo CDs, so I've been going through those recently. Now the pictures of me as a teenager punk rocker... pretty cringe-worthy! But even looking back at those I can see that my style hasn't completely changed since then, just evolved. I no longer have any desire to shop at Hot Topic, or wear bondage pants, but I still am crazy for plaid, and have my very tom-boy days right along with my girlier days. 

So I thought it'd be fun to do a little look back over some of my favorite fall outfits I've shared here on the blog! Click the images to go to the full posts with more photos and outfit details.