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New Years Eve Sparkle Dress Outfit
Stripes Camo Plaid

A few random bits of what I've been up to lately...

- How is November nearly gone? I can't believe we're only a week from Thanksgiving! I'm so excited though, I get to host Thanksgiving brunch again this year, which I loved doing last year! 

- Been trying to get back into a blogging rhythm. I'm trying to be realistic, but also challenge myself. Obviously, blogging every day like I did at one point would be insane with my full time job and long commute, so I'm shooting for twice a week. Sounds reasonable right?

- Has anyone started their Christmas shopping or crafting? I swore this year I'd get it all done before Thanksgiving, and here I am, having only bought one gift so far! oops. On a happy note, our store is looking so pretty and festive, it's really been getting me in the mood!

- I'll admit that I've joined the crowd and gotten completely addicted to Serial. It's the perfect thing to listen to on my commute, the time just flys by. I also adore Elise's podcast!

How is everyone else's November's going?

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