Little Victories

she believed she could so she did

(love this print by Allyson Johnson)

I've been thinking a lot about how I'm determined to make 2015 my year of new habits. All those things I've wanted to make part of my everyday routine for years now, this is the year I'm determined to make those happen. Of course, I've already learned one big thing that rings true for me. I can't make 5 new things a habit at once. It just doesn't work for me. So I'm focusing in on one thing, and giving myself plenty of time to truly make it a habit before I jump into introducing another. 

Right now, my focus is exercise. 


It's so easy to overthink things, and find excuses to not exercise, so I'm not letting myself. Dont think about it, just do it. And it's helped, a lot. Not only have I gotten better at training my mind not to look for excuses, but I love getting in my daily run, or work out. And it's so exciting to start to see myself getting better, and stronger.

I actually don't think I realized how inflexible and weak I was before I started. And I'm not saying that to put myself down. It is actually exciting me to actually be able to see that I'm getting somewhere, and how far I've come. I couldn't even really touch my toes a month or two ago, but now I can easy bend down and lay my palms flat on the floor. That's so nuts to me! And running? I could barely run a block without needing to stop and walk for a little bit. Now I can run a mile without stopping. 

Basically, I can take on the world. Or, something like that...

But seriously, it feels amazing to be able to reach these new goal posts. I'm calling them my little victories, and savoring in every silly little one.