Inspiring Podcasts for Blogging and Creativity

Fine and Feathered - Inspiring Podcases for Blogging and Creativity

I am flat out addicted to podcasts. Ever since I started listing to them, it's changed my commute from a big chunk of wasted time, that I spend wondering how far humanity is from making teleporting real, to a time when I'm learning, being inspired, and getting excited about creative endeavors. You'll notice that a lot are from the same few podcasts, and I highly recommend taking a listen to other episodes from the same ones, but these are some of my favorites that got me really excited, and I think they may do the same for you!

Elise Gets Crafty // Ep.39 - Maintaining a Creative Habit

Smart Passive Income // Ep.140 - Productivity and the Early Morning Routine

The Accidental Creative // The Necessity of Unnecessary Creating

Elise Gets Crafty // Ep.67 - Brainstorming for Creative Projects

The Lively Show // Ep.74 - How to Get the Most Out of Your "Fringe Hours"

 How They Blog // Ep.23 - The Power of Taking Action 

You might go ahead and guess that Elise Gets Crafty is one of my favorites. I subscribe, and have yet to dislike an episode. Even when I think it won't relate to me, somehow I still end up liking it. 

Just to be real here, I also have a whole slew of totally un-educational, goofy, and useless podcasts that I listen to as well. Some days you just gotta laugh.  

I will be adding to this list also, as I come across any new ones I love! Fell free to share with me some of your favorites too! I'd love to hear:)