Autumn Intentions

Fall Intentions by Josie Davis

Being the obsessive type-a crazy pants that I am, I love goals. From the little, to the big. Checking things off of a list is a drug for me. Really though, my husband can tell you about how I get so locked in on a goal I’ll stay up on night to finish it sometimes (that is a big deal for this sleepy girl). The thing about goals is, they can sometimes be constricting. Most of my goals are pretty rigid, either you did it or you didn’t do it, no in between. That’s great, when you need to do something concrete and specific, but when it comes to personal development it’s important to have room to breath, to adapt, to change. Which is why I’ve come to also love intentions. They give you the flexibility to adjust when you need to.

I wanted to share my fall intentions, a list inspired by the lovely Georgie Morley. I wanted to pick ones that help me move towards who I want to be, and give me space to figure out what that means along the way.

Rediscover Old Passions

This summer has been a whirlwind, and even though I’ve been writing a lot in a more personal space, I’m really excited to come back to the blog and share some thoughts that have been rolling around in my head. I’ve also been cleaning out my house and came across my old film cameras and have been feeling an itch to play around with them. I just ordered some film and can’t wait to just experiment and take photos without any pressure.

Practice Intentional Self Care

I have this tendency to ignore my personal needs until I am basically falling apart and am on the brink of a mental breakdown. I want to be better about setting aside time to take care of myself on a regular basis, instead of waiting until it’s a 911 situation.

Look Forward

It’s crazy to think there’s only 3 months left in the year. Seriously, that blows my mind. I have a lot of big goals I’m trying to hit before Jan 1st rolls around and want to regularly sit down and reassess those goals and keep myself focused.

Have you ever written down intentions or goals for specific seasons? New Years Resolutions are such a big thing, but I think breaking things down by season is such a great way to keep you moving forward throughout the whole year!