ballet flats

Decisions, Decisions

                                   H&M Shirt (thrifted) // Gap Jeans + Flats // UO Bag (thrifted)

I've been having that itch. You know, that hair-cutting itch. I always keep my hair pretty long (my husband couldn't believe how long my hair was when I was little when we watched old home movies the other night), but the ends are extra damaged now because of the ombre and so I sometimes get a little crazy and start picking at the split ends - not good. But I know I'll miss it's length even if only cut a couple inches off. 

I guess that's what you get when your a little crazy:) Hope everyone's Monday is lovely!

Hello Weekend

                               Old Navy Shirt (thrifted) // Forever 21 Skirt // Gap Flats // DIY Necklace

We've had a mostly crazy week over here. There were plenty of people through the house for inspections and certifications, we've already starting packing up some of those things we know we won't need, and we've been attempting to get a house of our own. On the fun side of things we already bought ourselves a vintage rerigerator and stove for our future house, of course they'll both be sitting in storage until we actually have one, but they're both so cute and exactly what we've been looking for so we couldn't say no!

Happy weekend everyone:)

Hello Akward Face

I'm not totally sure what this face is, but I can only assume it's a "wow its freezing and starting to rain, why the heck am I out here taking pictures?" face.

Just a guess though.

and I call this picture "girl about to run out of frame because she's freezing her butt off" catchy title if I do say so myself.

Anywho... I am wearing pants, ballet flats and messenger bag from Gap, swiss dot button-down from Jcrew, and vintage necklace from my great-grandmothers fabulous collection.

The Jcrew shirt I actually snagged at the thrift store for a measly two bucks. and of course I can't help by tell ANYONE that makes a comment about the shirt. I need to learn to just shut up and say "yeah it's from Jcrew" like I'm some snooty pants that actually buys it right off the rack and doesn't dig through their clearance section or hunt their stuff down at thrift stores or anything. *sigh* I just can't keep a good deal to myself I guess.