Simple Sunstripes Placemat DIY

Sometimes it's fun to try a project that maybe isn't your usual style. I'm not saying go all out and make something you'd never use, but sometimes products or DIYs catch my eye, but I tell myself not even to make them because they're not inherently "my style". Sometimes it's good to just get your hands dirty though and try something new. I'm usually very simple and like to stick to more muted colors, or black and white when I want something high contrast, but I saw this placematon Anthro's website and it totally grabbed me! I actually love coral-y colors, but don't usually use them, since this is just a simple placemat I thought it would be the perfect way to mix things up without any serious commitment.

I chose to make my whole placemat from scratch, which is really easy if you know how just the basics of sewing (just double-turn hem each side!), but you could also just buy a pre-made plain white cotton placemat to use. I think even the dollar store carries some that could work!

The great thing about such a simple, abstract print is that anyone can re-create it! I just used plain old foam brush from the craft store and some Martha Stewart All Purpose Paint in Geranium. It really is just as simple as dipping the tip of your foam brush in your paint and applying it straight on to your fabric or placemat! I let mine dry overnight and then went over it with a warm iron to set it.

Even though I am usually not an abstract print, or bright colors kind of girl, I still love how it came out! I just made one and have been using it in the middle of our table, and it's a great little pop of color without being too much. It might be fun to make a whole bunch for Thanksgiving dinner to brighten up the table I think! Plus it'd be really easy and cheap too - love that!

This is part of my INSPIRED BY // ANTHROPOLOGIE week - find out more about it here!

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                                                           Gap Shirt // Vintage Skirt + Belt

Some of my favorite old Anthropologie catalogues are the ones that just feel really cozy. Big sweaters, soft lighting, warm colors, all that stuff. I actually put this skirt up for sale both in my Etsy and on my INSTAsale, but it's stuck around and I'm actually really glad it did. It's so lovely, and it's heavier, which means it's perfect for this fall. I definitely will be hanging onto it. I almost feel like it could be right from Anthro.

I loved the look of the fun, colorful skirt, with such a basic shirt. It's a classic look that's so easy and simple. It's one of those outfits you can kind of just throw on and not have to fuss or overthink things.

This is part of my INSPIRED BY // ANTHROPOLOGIE week - you can read about it here!

Tee-Pee Coasters DIY

A few weeks ago a friend of mine sent me a link to these adorable little coasters from Anthro and I instantly knew I had to make them! They're really simple, and a cute little place to sit my morning tea at my desk. For this little design, you definitely don't need any sort of artistic ability, but if you're good at drawing you could make up your own fun little design to put on it instead.

For two coasters cut out of 4 5x5 inch squares in a duck cloth or linen type fabric. Sew good sides together, leaving about a 2 inch gap. Turn rightside out and iron flat. Hand sew gap closed.

Using a fabric pen, draw an X with extra long legs. Connect the legs and add an extra line between the top arms. Add a small little rectangle at the bottom for a "door". Finish with a few stripes!

I love a nice, easy project!

This is part of my INSPIRED BY // ANTHRO week - you can read about it here!