Hello Weekend

                               Old Navy Shirt (thrifted) // Forever 21 Skirt // Gap Flats // DIY Necklace

We've had a mostly crazy week over here. There were plenty of people through the house for inspections and certifications, we've already starting packing up some of those things we know we won't need, and we've been attempting to get a house of our own. On the fun side of things we already bought ourselves a vintage rerigerator and stove for our future house, of course they'll both be sitting in storage until we actually have one, but they're both so cute and exactly what we've been looking for so we couldn't say no!

Happy weekend everyone:)

Spots and Color

                                          Vintage Shirt + Shoes (thrifted) // Gap Skirt // Target Tights

I finally got to watch Moonrise Kingdom last night! It was pretty adorable. The set and costumes had my brain reeling - I might just have to build myself a little plaid tent this summer! It also didn't help my insane craving for the warm weather. It does seem like the forcast is going up, but I always get extra antsy at this point - it's almost here, but I just can't wait any longer! I've had a few nights recently where I kept myself up in bed thinking of all the fun things I'm excited for over the next few months, I'm like a little kid excited for the first day of school or something.

Happy Spring

         Target Dress (thrifted) // Thrifted Shirt, Belt + Coat // Target Leggings // Walmart Boots

I always forget how great this little dress is. I love how simple it is but you can peek a fun color or bold print out of it. Also, I thrifted this jacket a few months ago to save for spring and compeletely forgot about it. I suppose it's perfect timing though since today is the first day of spring! Do you hear that, weather? First day of spring - time to get on it. No more 40 degree days, no more random snow flurries, just daffodils and sunshine from now on. I will accept no less.