Minimalism and Social Media

Minimalism and Social Media

The last few years I’ve worked to try to simplify my life. Cutting down on extra clutter, extra stuff, and most importantly, extra stress. I used to work a high stress job where I managed several social media accounts, which meant I was attached to my phone and the never ending vortex of online life non stop. My life felt like pure chaos, always trying to keep up, constantly scrolling, commenting, and posting. Never feeling like I could fully disconnect.

Over the years I’ve spent untold amounts of time feeling bad from a nasty comment, or annoyed from a post that just rubbed me the wrong way. Over time I found that I was spending way too much of my real life being annoyed by something on the internet, and worse, starting to dislike friends simply because of something they said online. I didn’t like that.

So I decided to stop.

I went all Marie Kondo on my social media. I stopped following people who’s posts weren’t bringing me joy, especially if they were my real life friends. It’s never worth following someone online if you slowly begin to hate them for it. Save the friendship, ditch the follow. I highly encourage people to do the same with me - if you aren’t into what I’m doing, ditch me online, let’s hang out in real life instead.

The past year I’ve gone through so many phases of trying to figure out what I want from social media. Instagram used to be a favorite, I loved being able to find and connect with people who were interested in some of the same things as me. People who were just excited to create because it made their souls happy. But It’s changed a lot since the early days. I’m not here to rag on it, we all know it’s changed and I think we can all agree, it hasn’t been for the best. It’s not what I want anymore, and part of me is still trying to figure out what that means. Do I ditch it all together? Do I just cut back? I’m still not completely sure what the answer is.

This past summer I took a big break from facebook. I never really been addicted to facebook. In fact I’ve never really liked it all that much, yet I still found myself instinctively opening and scrolling through anyway. So I took it off my phone for a few months, and guess what? I survived. I was actually more than fine, and it helped me to break that natural habit of instinctively opening it. Instead, every time I would open my phone and look for facebook I would instead make myself open my library app and read a few pages of my current e-book. After a few weeks of doing that I realized how much time I had been wasting on literally nothing.

I think in the beginning social media really did start as a great way to connect with people, but its changed leaps and bounds since those days. And maybe we all have a little too. This year I’m striving to spend less and less time scrolling and more time creating. I don’t currently plan to completely cut out social media, but definitely cut back, and free up that time and brain space to focus more on things that actually make me happy.

Inspiring Podcasts for Blogging and Creativity

Fine and Feathered - Inspiring Podcases for Blogging and Creativity

I am flat out addicted to podcasts. Ever since I started listing to them, it's changed my commute from a big chunk of wasted time, that I spend wondering how far humanity is from making teleporting real, to a time when I'm learning, being inspired, and getting excited about creative endevours. You'll notice that a lot are from the same few podcasts, and I highly recommend taking a listen to other episodes from the same ones, but these are some of my favorites that got me really excited, and I think they may do the same for you!

Elise Gets Crafty // Ep.39 - Maintaining a Creative Habbit

Smart Passive Income // Ep.140 - Productivity and the Early Morning Routine

The Accidental Creative // The Necessity of Unnecessary Creating

Elise Gets Crafty // Ep.67 - Brainstorming for Creative Projects

The Lively Show // Ep.74 - How to Get the Most Out of Your "Fringe Hours"

 How They Blog // Ep.23 - The Power of Taking Action 

You might go ahead and guess that Elise Gets Crafty is one of my favorites. I subscribe, and have yet to dislike an episode. Even when I think it won't relate to me, somehow I still end up liking it. 

Just to be real here, I also have a whole slew of totally uneducational, goofy, and useless podcasts that I listen to as well. Some days you just gotta laugh.  

I will be adding to this list also, as I come across any new ones I love! Fell free to share with me some of your favorites too! I'd love to hear:)

Bamboo Tablet Love

                                                                    (lyrics are from Iron and Wine's "Passing Afternoon")

Years ago I was given a Bamboo tablet for my birthday. I used it a couple of times but never really got the hang of it so it got shoved in a drawer, bascially brand new, and then I moved several times and forgot about it. Recently my mom came across it and asked if I wanted it and I was super excited that it was still hanging around. I actually attempted to add handwriting to my blog a year or two ago with my scanner but it never looked right so I gave up. I've also seen a lot of bloggers using similar tablets espcially over the last year or so, and I just adore the look. Since everyone's handwriting is different and I love how it makes everything so unique and special to each person.

It's a little hard to get used to at first honestly. I don't know about newer Bamboo tablets but mine's pretty sensitive. I have to really relax my hand to get a good product or else my writing comes out really jagged looking. I love it though. You might have noticed I already started swapping out my banner and some sidebar things to use my own writing instead of the font I've used until now. I'm all for DIYing and adding a personal touch to things so I adore it!

Have you ever used a tablet from writing or drawing? What do you think?