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Sweaters and Mini Skirts - Fine and Feathered Blog
Sweaters and Mini Skirts - Fine and Feathered Blog
Sweaters and Mini Skirts - Fine and Feathered Blog

The northeast seems to be stuck in this strange in-between season. Not quite summer and not quite fall. Some mornings are crisp enough to lure you into a false sense of autumn. I get up, throw on sweaters and jeans and then by lunch its over eighty degrees and I am sweating from head to toe. So I've resorted to wearing some sort of strange combo of summer and fall - lightweight sweaters paired back to shorts or mini skirts. Let's just say - I'm still freezing half the day and sweating the other half *major eye roll*

J.Crew Sweater
Gap Skirt
Target Boots
Urban Outfitters Hat

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Doesn't it feel like Memorial Day just happened? To now be passed Labor Day feels surreal. I always feel hugely torn this time of year, I feel this huge surge of love for autumn, but to know that winter will soon follow that always brings me down a bit. This year, though, I've really been trying to focus more and more on the moment, and try to just enjoy what's here. One of the farms I drive by every day already has pumpkins out, and I smile a little bit whenever I pass them. I'm already planning what I'm going to bake, thinking of all the movie nights I need to have, and just trying to remind myself that sweaters are pretty awesome too. 

How are you all feeling about the upcoming change?

Eyelet + Denim

     Target Dress + Tights // Gap Jacket // J.Crew Belt // UO Bag (thrifted) // Vintage Shoes (thrifted)

I stopped over at my parents the other night and my little brother was sweet enough to snap a couple of photos of me on their porch. The lighting was lovely and I think he did a great job at capturing it! I think he may just be my official fill in for when I can't find my tripod or remote:)