Rustic Tree Branch Candle Hanger DIY

Rustic Tree Brance Candle Hanger

This weekend we finally got back to cleaning up the backyard. While we were cleaning up some of the trash (not from us, by the way!) I came across a gorgeous tree branch. I was totally one of those weird kids who collected every stone or stick that I thought was cool, and that hasn't really changed. I really had no idea what I would do with it when I saved it, but it hit me to combine it with a craft I was already planning to do with making candle holders - and I love how it came out!

Rustic Candle Branch

It's really simple to make. Start by scavenging a beautiful branch from the woods, or just pick up one at your local craft store (they often have several sizes and types in the floral department). Wrap and double knot pieces of heavy twine or rope at each end, leaving at least a few inches of branch at each end as well (you may want to use a little hot glue on the back of the branch to extra secure the rope to it). Use dry wall anchors to anchor two hooks into your ceiling, and hang the branch. 

For the candle holders use six or eight pieces of twine, tying them together a couple inches from the bottom. Seperate the strings into pairs and tie each pair together. Seperate the strings again, pairing each with the one from the pair next to it and tying them together. You can repeat that as many times as you like. Then wrap them around the branch, and double knot (you can also add some hot glue here too to secure). Insert your candles, and you're done! 

Rustic Candle Branch

Pajaki Chandelier DIY

Fine and Feathered - Pajaki Chandelier

A while back I fell completely in love with the little chandelier that Ariel Alasko has hanging in her apartment. It turns out it's called a Pajaki, and Design Sponge did a lovely little post all about them. Well, ever since I saw Ariel's I've had them on my "list". You know, that crazy long DIY list I've been neglecting since our whirlwind summer last year? Well, now that things are finally feeling totally settled I decided to start digging into it and this little guy was one of the first things!

The most fun part of making it was feeling like I didn't have to copy anyone else's. You can make them completely your own, whatever colors, shapes and sizes you like. If you want to follow along with mine though, here's some details...

Fine and Feathered - Pajaki Chandelier

For mine I used a lot of things I already had on hand : coffee filters, plain paper, a hot glue gun, white embroidery floss, and one large quilting hoop and the small hoop I just made out of some thick guage wire I already had.

I started by covering the hoops in the thread, just wrapping it tightly around. It was teadius, but I didn't mind having something for my hands to do while watching tv one night. Then I made the flowers. I used this tutorial which was nice and simple. I didn't even use the masking tape, I just fluffed my flowers and gave them an extra staple when needed. I just rolled some plain old paper real tight and taped it to keep it together and then cut them to inch sizes. I also just cut my own little paper rounds out myself and use a quarter as a pattern. 

Next I attached the two hoops together, with the small one floating just slightly lower inside the bigger one. Using hot glue I attached three large flowers to the outside of the large hoop. In between the flowers I wrapped peices of thread with long tails on each side. The top part of the tail I added some of my "paper straws" and circles  using an extra big needle to get them on. Once all three top tails were decorated a I tied them up (at this point it can be helpful to hang the chandelier to work on). On the bottom of the tails I used my needle again to add small flowers, tying knots underneath each one to keep them in place. Then I just added a couple more pieces of thread with straws and circles to the smaller hoop and I was done!


I also made a little video to go along with it! It's not an instructional video, it's mostly just for fun, but it does show a lot of the process.

Fine and Feathered - Pajaki Chandelier

Have any of you guys ever made one? They're really fun! I also think kids would love to make them too. It's a great little rainy day activity.

Simple Glitter Dipped Feathers

Last week when I put together a little inspiration board for Thanksgiving I came across cute glitter-dipped feathers. They're so simple and fun that I thought it'd be easy to make a few. I love the way they came out, and they're also great because they're perfect as little Christmas decorations too!

I whipped mine up by grabbing some found feathers I've been saving (although you can also buy packs of feathers from most craft and hobby stores) and dipping the tips in Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Glitter in Florentine Gold and then letting them dry on a piece of wax paper. Super easy!

Now I'm just trying to decide what to hit with some glitter next!