4 Ways to style a Bandana

How to Style a Bandana

Who doesn't love pieces that can do double (or triple..) duty? I'm all about it. Especially if you're traveling, those chameleon pieces can be life savers. Bandanas have been my favorite go-to for a while now! They're super lightweight and can be worn so many different ways!

My favorites? 

  • Hide a bad hair day - Throwing it up with a bandana is a cute and easy fix, especially when your hair is in desperate need of washing!
  • Choker - use a bandana as jewelry replacement, wrap it around twice and tie it off with a little knot!
  • Throw it back to a classic "Scout" look by twisting it and then tying it off in the front!
  • Use a bandana as just a basic scarf and tie it up in the back.

And of course...

Twin time! Dutch always wears her bandana to work too :)

One for the kids

Gap Kids Chambray & Eyelet Dress // Vintage Belt & Sunglasses // Handmade Necklace

For a few years now I've been made fun of for wearing kids clothes. Then I came across quite a few other bloggers who do it. And even Gap Mag blog asked about grown-ups wearing kiddo clothing. Well it's about time. If I find something cute and fun and I wanna wear it, I don't care if it's from the womens section or even the little boys or girls section, I'll wear it gosh-darn it!